If True, Was Pastor Winans' Church Wrong For Snubbing Chastity?


  • Deb - 10 years ago

    Please pray. My son was blessed by Pastor Winans over 20 years ago. Although news travels fast I am aware that news stories can be taken out context and rumors past fast. No longer a member but an unwed mother, I was not persecuted or shunned but the previous ministry I left because of uncomfortability. The dedication service performed by Pastor Winans back then was very beautiful and I will never forget it. It was a special moment and an untainted experience so I would say pray for the mom and know that God loves all babies and he is Gods child and blessed.

  • Monique - 11 years ago

    Thank God, she got out! If I went there, I'd be right behind her!! Knocking her down trying to get out!!! I wouldn't want to be a part of that congregation!!

  • Kay - 11 years ago

    God is revealing what has been going on in the dark for so many years, young lady. I have never heard of such a thing in my life. But glory to God, He has used you to pull back the curtains and reveal what this man (for he is only a man) and this church are really up to. If you choose to, go on your way, shake the dust off your feet, and be blessed of God. You and your child are loved by God, He is watching to see what you do, and He will always be with you. Much Love!

  • Mrs. Ronald King (Lady Linda) - 11 years ago

    To My Sister in the Lord, Lady Grace: Know this!!! The Anointing Comes From God not From Pastor
    Winans! Ask The Lord To Lead You to A Bible Centered Believing Church of HIS Choice for you and your baby boy, wherein you can train and raise your son in the admonition of the Lord! This is foolishness on Pastor Winan's part. "Cast Your Cares and All Your Concerns On God Because He Loves and Cares For You"! My husband and daughter will be praying for you and your son! Love You!

  • victoria stith - 11 years ago

    Remember the blind man, Jesus was asked what did he or his parents do for him to be born blind. Jesus said nothing. I haven't met a human who could walk on water, raise the dead with a word or be nailed to a wooden cross and rise from the dead in 3 days. If this is true he wouldn't be the first to turn away a child. Shame on him and the church.

  • Kim Brazzle - 11 years ago

    Mark 7:8 For laying aside the commandment of God, ye hold the tradition of men,
    I didn't know an infant could confess theirs sins, this is just another way for satan to cause division. When you join a church organization, you agree to follow their rules and guidelines, if you do not agree, express you opposition through the proper channels.

  • Ladi - 11 years ago

    If you can not go to the church, where can you go. The church is not just for christians to fellowship but it is for the hurt, sinful, wounded. The church should welcome her with open arms. What if God react to you the way you would to others. If Jesus would come down in the flesh and spend a day with some of the church folks, what would the church do different? Would you change the way you look upon others? Or would you be quick to judge. People are hurting and looking for a change. Why not give them Jesus. Let the church say Amen!

  • Dianne - 11 years ago

    All I can say is WOW. And to all the comments that have been made... AMEN!!! We are all sinners. Now this makes me think that when our pastor christened our grandchild it was held in between services and we were the only ones there, but others were done during the late morning services that this is the reason he did ours like that. Yes, my daughter is unmarried, but she was brought up in the church as will be our granddaughter and they all make mistakes. You don't punish for that you are supposed to help and teach. Shame on him is all I can say. And shame on the pastor of my church if that is what he was doing to us.

  • Edward Williams - 11 years ago

    The Words of God Speaks for it Self. I Agree with the Person who Texted in St. Mark 10:13-16.God is a Forgiving God. Who Died for us all. God him Self will Deal with this Matter...In Jesus Christ Name.

  • Geeyah - 11 years ago

    It was said that one of the Winans had a child out of wedlock and was married at the time. The Winan family has been plagued with controversy for years. For you to say that a CHILD, whom had no fault of entering the world, you choose to to be "JUDGE" over his life and thereby judging his mom as well! He that is WITHOUT sin, cast the first stone. Who are you to ACT AS JESUS! You sir is a hypocrite! Don't throw stones, your house might be made of glass. If you teach this "mess" who would visit your church, much less purchase your music. Shame on you!

  • Paula - 11 years ago

    I am very familiar with The Winans Perfecting Church. I live in Detroit and use to live down the street from the church. I also have a friend that used to work at The Winans Academy. I am appalled that the Winans would turn an unwed mother and her child away from the church. I have heard plenty of things concerning The Winans infidelities. I think it is very hypocritical to act this way, especially since one of the Winans clan is serving prison time for stealing people's money. Is he forgiven or is the relative an exception to the rule. This rule is ludicrous. Our god is a forgiving god and if you ask for forgiveness, it will be granted.

  • Another Unwed Mother - 11 years ago

    I am in disbelief that a Pastor of his stature and level of respect would turn her away. I hope that his congregation really voice their opinions of disrespect by him. I am pretty sure that he has more memebers of his congregation that is unwed and mothers that would love to be apart of the ceremony but to shun someone for making wrong decisions, not including her child, but at one point loving someone enough to make a baby should not be chastised by a Pastor. He is suppose to teach and preach the word not impose his views on other people. All I can say is GOD bless him and GOD will definitely judge him on shaking someones faith...now that is the biggest sin of them all not my words but Jesus words!!!

  • Nikki Morris - 11 years ago

    My church doesn't christen unwed mothers either, in front the church. but after reading the comments I see how wrong they are for doing that. I'm going to be an unwed mother in the spring and wishes to christen my child. If he wouldn't do at the church I was hoping to request it be done at our house.

  • brenda mc neil\parker - 11 years ago

    He who is without sin, cast the first stone. TO the Winans family. I know your are not casting stone.

  • An unwed mother - 11 years ago

    I guess there is no such thing as forgiveness. Oh, did he forgive his nephew for stealing from people. He hurt people and took from them. An unwed mother who wants her baby dedicated has already asked for forgiveness, and wants her child brought knowing God and having faith. Why still her joy?

  • mauva - 11 years ago

    A child is not responsible for the action of it's parents.As christians,moreover church leaders;when you place stigmas like these on such young lives,what are you saying to them.These are the future men and women of tomorrow,they need the love,prayers,blessings and support of the churches and you are withholding all of that from them,why?because they are born out of wedlock.Do you see how many Pastors are raping,molesting,living double standard lives?Wake up and smell the coffee.Mark 9:37 and 42 says Whosoever shall receive one of these in My name receiveth me.And whosoever shall offend one of these little ones that believe in Me or seek Me,it is better for a millstone were hanged about his neck,and he be cast into the sea.Let's be careful who we offend or try to write off,they are all God's angels.

  • jonita davis - 11 years ago

    done anybody read the Bible anymore? Remember the children that was sitting on Jesus knees , He did'nt judge the parents of these children nor did he turn anyone away. Jesus welcome everyone,remeber he said come as you are, there was no continue to what your sitution in ife are, lord just want us to love him and his peoples. Obedience until the Lord

  • mauva - 11 years ago

    St.Mark 10:13-16 And they brought young children unto Him,that He should put His hands on them and bless them:and His disciples rebuked those that brought them.
    But Jesus was much displeased when He saw it,and said unto them.Suffer the little children to come unto me and forbid them not;for of such is the kingdom of God.Verily I say unto you,whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child,he shall not enter therein.
    An He took them up in His arms ,put His hands upon them,and blessed them.

  • Sandra D. Perkins - 11 years ago

    The church turned an unwed mother away. Wow...Did they forget about Jesus' mother (Mary). She was an unwed mother also! Reading God's word is not enough. In all thy getting, GET understanding! SMH

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