Should Sex Offenders Be Surgically Castrated Before Getting Out of Prison?

  • Norma S. - 7 years ago

    Is they mind not the body what they need to fix, is crazy people what been thinking all this things when
    they see the kids womans or old people, they just waisting money putting this people in jail, put them to do heavy work like in the past and other criminals, and the system will see if they feel like do something again and again, is heaven for tehm stay in jail not worry about bills just do exercise and eat sleep.

  • Reggie - 7 years ago

    Nooo, there has been cases where and innocent man/woman has been found not guilty after so many years because of new evidence such as DNA. But now you have castrated this person now what? Would you cut off a murderers hand because they murdered someone or a persons leg because they stumped someone to death or someone's tongue because they spit on you who had aids or lied on the stand? Of course not just give them a harsher sentence with many many years to think about what they did and when they get out maybe just maybe they will realize that the crime was not worth being locked up for there
    entire life....

  • Ashley Joy - 7 years ago

    I think they should do it, like that women who just raped two babies at her day care in ohio they should cut off her clit take away their sexual pleasure , no sexual pleasure no reason to do it , if you rape someone and get 10 to 20 years in prison with a t.v , able to go outside, work out , free medical care you think they wont do it again? prison isn't as bad as everyone thinks it is, now if they locked them in one room for all them years then it would be bad but no they have activity's they can do , without harsher punishments this is just gonna keep happening i say go for it and save children, men and women from being traumatized. the only people who would go against this are sexual predators , why would you care if it doesn't affect you? this might just save your daughter , your wife, your son or mom.

  • Docile Jim Brady - 7 years ago

    An easy fix and Modest Proposal:
    Surgically remove reproductive organs from those who found the prisoner guilty .

    JOSEPH DOZIER - 27 minutes ago
    I dont think people should be castrated, what happens when they are found innocent, as sooo many have been.

  • JOSEPH DOZIER - 7 years ago

    I dont think people should be castrated, what happens when they are found innocent, as sooo many have been. What about those who are convicted because they were decieved or how about those females who are guilty, what would u do, take out her uterus. No this acts of cutting off and pulling out wont stop the act. Maybe put them all on an island and let them become neighborly. I think a good solution is education of the people.

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