Who Would You Replace Len Goodman With?

  • Mrs Shepard - 7 years ago

    I am utterly devastated that Len was
    fired. It is surely the stupidest move i have ever seen on TV, surely the most incorrect judgement. It is VERY EASY TO KNOW WHY THE RATINGS HAVE GONE DOWN!!!!
    The show is Dancing with the STARS and the show no longer gets STARS!. WHY?????
    THAT IS WHATT IS WRONG. it is not LEN. LEN has held the show together with his standards.
    The show has gone to hell without him. It has now becoming CHEAP and tawdry with sex for its own sake. it has been sick. Please save the show while you can and bring back the standards you once had.

    MAXIM wold be a good forth judge. not a replacement for LEN!!!!!

  • Chrystel - 7 years ago

    We miss you Len. Please come back.

  • Andra - 7 years ago

    Oh, please get rid of Len! He is very inconsistent and old fashioned. He has ruined many contests on DWTS. Maksim is a great dancer and can judge as well. For years I have hoped for Len to leave. Andra.

  • Lorra - 8 years ago

    I agree with Ana Len is the only judge who really judges correctly and without him the panel is weak. If they want to invite a fourth judge for fun possibly, but absolutely don't lose Len. They would be so stupid and crazy to replace Len, then ultimately ratings would go down way further.

  • Ana - 8 years ago

    Come back Len....We miss you:( I had tears in my eyes knowing you're not there. Come back! You know a lot about dancing, you are excellent expressing yourself, know how to both flatter and critique, you're also hysterical, honest and simply UNIQUE..... FANTASTIC! I thought the three made a great judge panel. If the show has gone downward in viewers.... Is not to blame it on Len or the judge panel. SOOOO WRONG on that! I think making it once vs. twice a week is a good choice. People are very busy nowadays and have many other things to do and watch.

    OMG... tonight was awful with Cher! Cher doesn't know about dancing and doesn't know how to express herself.

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