Who is getting your vote?

  • Roy - 8 years ago

    And Cuccinelli wants the GOVERNMENT to interfere with your personal lives. Yeah, I'll take a "plant" or a Bloomburg crony over some clown telling me what I can and can't do in my own home... My vote is for liberty. My vote is for Sarvis.

  • Michael Thurston - 8 years ago

    Republican all the way!!!

  • S. Thomas - 8 years ago

    Sarvis is a wasted vote. . . a Obama plant! McAuliffe is backed by Bloomburg - neither of whom we want running VA!

  • John Boyce - 8 years ago

    Knowing that Sarvis will not win......I will give him my vote because he is for real...he is what the people really want......also knowing it won't happen....but you think i'm suppose to pick from the two evils....if Sarvis could win...he would only be stopped by the legislature and the senate...!GOD BLESS AMERICA....!

  • George Whitfield - 8 years ago

    Robert Sarvis is the best candidate for Governor or Virginia.

  • Will Thompson - 8 years ago


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