Do you approve of the Kitsilano Beach bike lane route?

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  • Grant Vanderhoek - 10 years ago

    My main interest is the placement of the bike path through Hadden Park. They plan to run it through the current picnic area and displace some of it closer to the beach. One of the concerns here is that there will be picnickers on either side of the bike path where children and their parents will be playing and trying to enjoy their picnic while bikes are racing through. I would think that this is more hazardous than what there is now. Having a dedicated bike lane through here will give cyclists a license to go faster.

    I am not opposed to a bike path but not at the expense of this pristine picnic area. It should be moved away from this area and closer to the streets of Maple and NcNichol. Many cyclists currently use these streets to commute.

    I am in this park every day and have canvassed many people and all are apposed to the present planned bike path.

    There are other issues as well.

    The total area of green space remove by paved bike paths in Kits beach is equivalent to an acre (4000 square meters).

    It would seem that this part of the plan was rushed through within the past few weeks. Information of this part of the plan was only made available a week ago. Park Board Commissioner John Coupar said he didn't know of it until then.

    The consultation process of this is questionable. The Cornwall to Alma discussions/town meetings, over shadowed any detailed plans for Hadden and Vanier parks.

    The survey they used to support the plan (page 12) is also questionable. These are questions that you can only give a positive response. There weren't any questions like, "Do you support a bike path through the picnic area." or "Are you in favour of displacing the picnic area with a bike path." or "What bike path option would you prefer A, B or C"

    The removal of 23 parking spots will put a choke hold on anyone trying to gain access to the picnic area. Imagine having a car full of kids and barbeques trying to find a place close enough to unload. The parking in the surrounding area is already saturated with resident parking and restrictions.

    This park is tourist mecca. Why spoil it.

    The many people I’ve canvassed in the park don’t think another path is needed. Just widen the path that is there already and educate pedestrians and cyclists on proper behavior and edict. In Calgary the police set up radar traps on their bike paths.

    The money this park board is spending could very easily pay for policing and monitoring the paths.

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