How much do you -- the reader -- care about who the Mariners hire to be their next manager?


  • Gerry Gilbet - 9 years ago

    It matters a lot think of what Lou accomplished vs. every other manager. I for one am tired of hiring Managers with no experience, Don W or one who never took a team anywhere, Eric Wedge. Dusty Baker would shake things up but Jack Z is not going to bring anyone in who will get more credit than him.
    Let's go out and get the best possible Manager, that is at least a good start.

  • Chris Brown - 9 years ago

    Wow, this is the most even poll distribution I've every seen. It expresses my ambivalence well - I don't care who they pick, as long as they are smart enough to make good managerial decisions by understanding how to evaluate player strengths and weaknesses and appropriate situational approaches.

  • Brian Parker - 9 years ago

    Raul Ibanez. Might as well go with a sentimental favorite, he would do as well as any established name.

  • MantusTobagan - 9 years ago

    I'm interested but it doesn't matter. As long as Jack Z is in town this team will continue to fail. Lot's of blame has got to go to Howard Lincoln and Chuck Armstrong as well.

  • Kenneth P. Anderson - 9 years ago

    They are a ship without a ruder. It is not the managers or GM fault, it goes to the top. They do not have a franchize plan that last more tan a year or two. Last year it was move the outfield in and play long ball. The year before it was pitching and defense. What will the plan be for 2014 be? I hope we don't bring our young talent up to early like this year! They all needed more time in AAA Tacoma. WHAT IS THE BIG BROARD LONG RANGE PLANN FOR THE ORGANIZATION? Maybe we should look at what St. Louis does!


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