Is Barneys' apology enough?


  • Jayna - 10 years ago

    My eyes see THIS...yes, racial profiling is WRONG, however....when you threaten via radio, social media, etc to "loot, beat down, flashmob" a place, THAT is two wrongs trying to start a larger issue. I cannot STAND a racist, however there are good and bad in all races. When the EBT cards went down, there was looting, when the Trayvon Martin decision came down, there was all kinds of social media threats, via Twitter, Facebook, etc. that African Americans' threatened one in particular that stood out to me was to "slap the first white person in the face that I see". THAT is not going to help ANYTHING. It will just make things worse. As a matter of is THOSE types of mentalities that are seen by people on the whole. You cannot generalize all people, be they African American, White, Asian...purple polka dotted. I agree with the comment that ONE person is responsible for racial profiling in that store, and that's the one who CALLS the police. Then the POLICE racially profile because someone's hard earned money is spent the way THEY wish it to be. SHAME ON ALL OF YOU!! If people would come together instead of letting the mainstream media shape their mentalities, this would be a different world.

  • Mrs. Mc - 10 years ago

    The only stereotyping that was done was done by an individual....NOT the corporation itself. Go after the Jerk who accused this guy, not an entire company that had nothing to do with it. No company can possibly know that a person's individual actions are going to do crazy things! People have their own free will and act on it...and NO one can be responsible for FREE will other than the person who commits the atrocity! The jerk who accused this young man is at fault and NO ONE ELSE!

    I get tired of people always wanting to sue someone! SMDH!!!!!!!

  • wallace felder - 10 years ago

    Just because the young men was black, they should be able to spend there money where ever they choose to shop. the sterotyping need to stop. We need to stand up and fight for what we believe in. I had the same exsperience on thursday with rite aid pharmacy in san diego ca. This particular store chain have a reputation for following black customers. On monday I plan to voice my concerns. And gather names from customers who shop with this chain {rite aid pharmacy} and demand changes in the way people of color is looked upon. We need to stop letting people treat us any kind of way. If you had a problem with rite aid please do something about it. Sand Diego CA I hope you are listening. Please email me with your concerns if you had a problem with rite in San Diego at 427 C street in San Diego. My email address is

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