Who do you trust more with your data?

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  • Bryant Arms - 9 years ago

    I am hardly able to even begin counting the reasons why Google is less creepy than the NSA; Or, as you put it, more trustworthy.

    Google seems to be honest about the data it collects, though its data mining ability is still creepy. The NSA is more creepy because it undermines our right to remain silent. Google offers opt-in services that demonstrate the power offered by the public data being collected about you. The NSA seems ashamed about what it may do with that data. Google's data scandals happen when it markets new services that reveal another creepy way data can be collected about you. The NSA's data scandals happen when employee's consciences compel them to tell the rest of us about how the NSA is creeping through our so-called private communications. At least public oversight of Google's activities is available. There is no effective oversight of the NSA and agencies like it.

    There are good reasons why people have the right to remain silent. Imagine the predicaments you could put members of Congress into if you could monitor everything they do! That may be why the NSA can even get caught publicly lying to Congress with impunity!

    Google is powerful and may even become powerful enough to lobby its way into the NSA's databases. That could be unbelievably creepy. But it is more likely that the NSA, with its special government powers, would simply demand access to Google's database for an even more unbelievably creepy scenario. But conscientious employees have proven to the world that has already happened.

    We need a law which causes internet communications to be personal effects under the 4th Amendment of the US Constitution.

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