Super Smash Bros Rap Battle

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  • Chris - 7 years ago

    I picked kirby/mario/megaman because i know all parts Kirby:steping up to bat don't call me fat just kirby dreamland's heavy hitter fire spitter yeah ya heard me my flow is indestrutiblb don't ever try to break it i like that move you did i think i'll breath you in and take it. mario:it's mario bout to go insane my threads aren't red these are blood stains i suggest for your protection heading back from where you came i'm the best to ever do it son end of discustion you disagree with me you get a mushroom concusson. megaman:make way for a legend a true mega master say hello to mega buster my energy cannon blaster been over 50 games in over 25years that means i'll outlast and i'll out blast and i'll leave your ass in tears.

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