Can You Be A Feminist And Support Other Causes As Well?

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  • Animaine Sparkster - 9 years ago

    Feminists, LGBT activists, and so on have their causes that they pay the most attention to, but it doesn't mean that they can't care about other causes. And it makes perfect sense to me. Why not give the brunt of your energy to causes that affect you and those you love the most?

    As it's been stated time and time again, there's more to Feminism than it's mainstream face (white women). There are issues that have different effects on women depending on their race, social status, gender identification and so on. In other words, there's just too much shit going on for a person to try to champion EVERY cause. I'm a black man who is pained by the constant shit that black women have to go thru, so I do my best to support and stand up for them. But there are many areas women's issues that I have little to no understanding of, and I'm talking just about WITHIN the black community.

    A similar reoccurring conversation was had over at TWiB a while ago, and the point was made that it's ok to choose your battles. It's ok to say "I pick THIS to be the ground I'll fight on". A Pakistani woman who survived an acid attack is probably gonna care more about making the streets safer for woman than whether or not weed gets decriminalized, but that doesn't necessarily mean she doesn't care about the issue at all.

    I guess my point is that everyone has to choose for themselves which ground they'll fight on. We can choose to fight on multiple fronts or concentrate on one, but in the end we're all trying to win the same war.

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