Pick this week's Huntsville/Tennesee Valley Player of the Week (Poll Closed)

  • Tyler Gurley, Madison County

  • Brewer Hicklen, Huntsville

  • Chris Manning, Section

  • Alan Smith, Fort Payne

  • Gunner Lemons, Guntersville

  • Jordan Gandy, East Limestone

Posted 5 years.


  • Bodie - 5 years ago

    The Gandy kid is a good athlete watched him play! Lemons is a athlete as well both deserve it ! Ill take you both on the team I coach any day! Boys let the hate roll like water on a ducks back ! G you still my favorite Sir!

  • JB - 5 years ago

    Wow, what an unfortunate turn in the comments today! Shame on you, ADMIN, for sowing discord in what should be a joyous occasion! Now, can we please just circumvent all of the negativity and congratulate Gunner Lemons?! And no, Brock, I am not Josh Bean. #TEAMGANDY

  • Jessica L - 5 years ago

    Oh and "Nick Saben" if you really were him, I would hope being a head coach for Alabama, (Roll Tide) he could spell his own name right...

  • Jessica L - 5 years ago

    I am very proud of Gunner Lemons. I am more than proud to be his cousin. Now with that being said. These polls were made a very long time ago. They have always been one way, according to the rules of the site he won fair and square. And now with THAT being said, to the people and your negative comments, if slandering a HIGH SCHOOL athlete is all you have to do with your life, then I have news for you.... You need a better life. If you are a high schooler yourself and are commenting negatively, then please grow up. You owe yourself that favor. Jealousy gets is nowhere in life. AND IN CLOSING, I would like to say congrats to all of the young men for making it here in the first place, you all had to be outstanding to make it. Thank you all and have a nice day.

  • IT diva - 5 years ago

    Depending on how the network is setup, computers from the same network can all have the same IP address. I know of a school library that is setup that way, so students on 12 different computers could all have votes that came from the same IP address. Also, if students are voting from a public school computer that is shared by all the students, then you could have many votes from the same IP address in the same day, even if the computer has an individual IP address. Unless your rules state that only one vote per IP address is allowed, it is somewhat unfair to all voters who participated in your pole to change the rules after voting has closed.

    My favorite player didn't get many votes, so I don't really have a dog in this fight anymore. I just feel that it is wrong to change the rules after voting began, especially since IP addresses can't be tied to just one user at most public schools and libraries.

  • Someone with the username "ADMIN" commented here earlier today and claimed that a student in this poll had been disqualified because of voting irregularities. This comment was not left by one of our staff or an admin, and is patently false. The comment has since been removed. Thank you to the voters who alerted us to this fake "ADMIN" account. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly: Niki Doyle, Director of Digital Operations, Alabama Media Group, ndoyle@al.com

  • Leslie clines admin - 5 years ago

    So sad that people feel the need to slander high school athletes on a public forum. These athletes were chosen by their accomplishments ON the field. They didn't choose to be in the poll themselves. No political mudslinging needed. I can choose the username admin too and select highschoolsports.al.com as my website as well. Sad display from people. I hope Gunner wins but will be happy for any of the athletes selected. I don't know any of them personally so I'm not at liberty to slam any of them with harsh cruel words.

  • Fan!! - 5 years ago

    How can you punish the athlete that had nothing to do with it? Plus nobody voted that the computer didn't accept it.. I voted every little bit and it let me. I think you are punishing the wrong person. But it's all good he's still gunner.

  • Ron - 5 years ago

    Well that escalated quickly.

  • Alanna - 5 years ago

    Dear Admin,
    Okay...so you are saying that the runner up only had one vote per IP address?? Hahaha, we are not stupid. Thank you for teaching these boys that our world is made up of very selfish people.

  • Unknown - 5 years ago

    How can only one contestant be disqualified when this was done by all the contestants. Also, where were the rules on voting more than once and by the same person. This is how it's always been done. I'm curious.

  • Samantha - 5 years ago

    Yeah Gunner won

  • Logan - 5 years ago

    Vote for Gunner!!! He is a great person and athlete. Oh, and Chris you might want to know what you are talking about before you bash someone because there aren't bad things on gunners personal sites and lol if you are referring to the pic of him in the bed with the red sheets ummm that's his bed but OK.....make up something a little better next time. I don't think Gunners integrity should be the one in question here. I think it should be a grown mans that likes to make up lies about a young man for no reason other than pure evil.Gunner is one of the most humble big hearted young men you will ever meet so grow up.

  • Chris B. - 5 years ago

    You know Chris, I really feel sorry for you. It is obvious you are a very jealous person and for you this is personal against Gunner Lemons and family. Not seen one comment against another player, so your credibility for being able to pick the best player is zero, nothing. This is about talent and integrity of which I am afraid you have none. You need to get a life. You or noone else will ever find Gunner Lemons writing anything bad about anybody on this page or any other. Like I said I really feel sorry for you.

  • Brock - 5 years ago

    So, JB, you are voting for Gandy? You wouldn't happen to be Josh Bean would you? Don't you write for al.com? Doesn't al.com say "The people can decide who wins this honor?" If you are Josh Bean, and you write for al.com, why are you deciding who gets it?

  • Nick S - 5 years ago

    Nope never heard of him

  • AJ McCarron - 5 years ago

    Gunner is a great QB. We had him @ camp this year and coach noticed him right off.

  • Jerad Smith - 5 years ago

    Vote for Gunner!!!!

  • Everyone Else - 5 years ago

    U creepn on a high school boy twitter that's wrong. but alright BH keep it up bro

  • Lina - 5 years ago

    This contest is certainly not to bash anyone's name. We all hear the Johnny Manzeils stories & the Scam Newtons and who knows what's the truth. My FB has been hacked before and horrible things were posted under my name. My son will continue to look up to Gunner Lemons and if he is tweeting sexual comments who am I to judge this man. His performance on the field is great & I respect him because he gives 110% every week. I will not bash anyone that is in the running and I wish them all luck.

  • Chris - 5 years ago

    Kina, I feel bad for your son. Have you seen Gunner's Twitter? Cussing and talking about sex and, pictures of him in his girlfriend's bed? REAL ROLE MODEL!!

  • Les Miles - 5 years ago

    Alright Jordan. I want you at LSU

  • Laine - 5 years ago

    Gunner deserves this he has worked his Butt off come on nick take gunner

  • JB - 5 years ago

    Sorry, Brock, my logic and reason always seem to get me in trouble. haha

  • Brock - 5 years ago

    JB, don't bring logic and reason into this. We are sharing a moment here.

  • JB - 5 years ago

    Ok, its PLAYER OF THE WEEK; it's not a Lifetime Achievement Award! I'm sure all of these wonderful athletes have great character and work ethic to be able to perform at the level they do every week. With that being said, I'm going to have to vote for Jordon Gandy. He put up some very impressive numbers (considering what he has to work with) against the #14 team in the state.

  • Alona - 5 years ago

    Gunner Lemons is a great football player, one of the best out there and I love cheering for him. He deserves this award because he has truly earned it. He plays his heart out every game and everyone enjoys watching him play. VOTE GUNNER FOR PLAYER OF THE WEEK!

  • Chris - 5 years ago

    Good Words PawPaw and I couldn't agree more. That's the kind of person Gunner is. He loves people, wouldn't hurt anybody in any way. Plays wide open from start to finish. The most important thing I hope we all carry away from this is, we are all Dads, Moms, grandparents, brother, sisters, uncles, aunts, friends, etc rooting for our choice and we should respect each other for that. Love one another as Jesus loves us. That's a bunch! God bless you all.

  • Larry - 5 years ago

    Been watching Gunner for all his life play all kind of sports and he is very talanted and a fine young man if it is GOD will he will mwin this award if not he will be back playing Friday nite and HE will not say a bad word about any of the others .So Good luck Gunner Lemons Ilove you papaw FAMILY

  • Steve - 5 years ago

    When you have to start degrading another person for the "benefit" of another one, makes you think hmm? Why cant ones action speak for themselves like on the field. All these young men have worked hard all season and off season or they would not be where they are now. You have to play the game before you can really relate to that, apparently Chris you haven't. Good luck to all! As for as sticking with family, I am all for it. Gunner, you represent the Lemons name and ALL your family name well!!!

  • Kina Walker - 5 years ago

    I have watched Gunner Lemons every week on T.V. And my son looks to him as a role model. His Mother is my distant cousin and I know that he has worked as hard as an individual could. He's a very respectable young man and has a heart of gold. He goes on the field every week trying his best. He is definitely worthy of this award and I know he would appreciate it so much. Please vote for Gunner Lemons and make him the player of the week. Thanks and God Bless.

  • Chris - 5 years ago

    One more thing. You think there's something wrong with being supported by family. Well if your family won't stand with you, who will. You better believe Gunner Lemons has family supporting him, as probably all the others do to. Family is great. I support him all the way. He is an honorable young man on and off the football field and a very talented football player. I am sure there are those who feel each one of these candidates are worthy to win, So why don't we just vote for our choice and leave the bad words out.

  • Brock - 5 years ago

    FootballMom, that is awesome to hear. Not the injuries, but the way Brewer has handled his role. I am sure he is successful at more than just football. Also, Tyler Gurley looks like a true athlete in the picture at the top of the page.

  • Chris - 5 years ago

    So you think it's big to put down kids. All these young men are giving their all and just want to do the best they can. So why don't you just leave your comments to supporting your choice and not try to degrade any of them? I'm sure it's your business what anybody's family has done. What's that got to do with talent? By the way, I'm ashamed to share the same name. So pick another one, since I'm sure that one is made up. Leave the kids alone, no guts

  • Football Mom - 5 years ago

    Brewer Hicklen is what every parent wants their son to grow up and become like! An incredible leader on and off of the field. Several 1st team players have suffered traumatic injuries this season and Brewer has stepped up and played as as much defense as he has played on the offensive side of the ball. Team Player all the way!

  • Brock - 5 years ago

    Nick Saban, ummmm you misspelled your last name.

  • Brock - 5 years ago

    If you want to read some of Gunner's numbers you can go to dothanfirst.com, gtpreps.com,gadsdenmessenger.com, lakesidepost.com, highschoolsportscenter.com, thesportsledger.com, ahsaa.com. When you do your google search you should look past the first page of results. Just because you can't find something about him doesn't mean he hasn't played a vital role in leading his team to a 9-1 record with the only loss to a top 5 Oneonta team.

  • Nick Saben - 5 years ago

    I was in Madison County and watched Tyler Gurley first hand he is an avid QB that handles the ball well he needs to check the mail he just might be getting something from me

  • Brock - 5 years ago

    I say congratulations to all these young men. I am sure they all make their families proud. It is great to see they are using the apparent talent God gave them.

  • Chris - 5 years ago

    Dual threat Tyler Gurley leads Madison County over North Jackson

    Brewer Hicklen accounts for 3 TDs as Huntsville routs rival Grissom 47-0

    Chris Manning ran for 220 yards and five touchdowns on just 11 carries as Section won at West End 33-14 in a Class 2A Region 7 contest

    Alan Smith throws 5 TDs as Fort Payne edges James Clemens 37-34

    Gary Cosby Jr./The Decatur Daily Jordan Gandy, an East Limestone High wide receiver, has football programs chasing him as he enters his senior season.

    I can find so many wonderfully written things about all the other players listed here. Written by accreted sports writers . The only thing I can find about Gunner Lemons is that his family has moved him from school to school for whatever reason and that they are the only ones who have wrote anything about him on the internet.
    Awesome job Gandy! You already have the colleges eating out of your hands!

  • Brock - 5 years ago

    I can't say Gunner Lemons is "what a quarterback should be," as that is relative to opinion and the system a quarterback plays in. Gunner plays in an offense that allows him to use his talents. Gunner is a leader, he is very dedicated, and he is a student of the game. He deserves your votes and I know he would be honored to represent his school, his team, and his family if he receives this honor.

  • michael - 5 years ago

    Tyler Gurley is a great QB;passer and rushes when needed on the field thats why he needs to be the player of the week

  • Nana - 5 years ago

    Tyler Gurley is just what a qb should be; great passer; and rushes when need be. WTG Tyler. A young man that is worth knowing on and off the field.

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