Are crimes against African Americans investigated as aggressively as crimes against others?


  • lera - 10 years ago

    This child was I believe to replace organs that some one needed to survive, or they were stolen for experiment reasons. Someone killed this child and the investigators know the truth and also the FBI. know it. This teen was a healthy well groomed and someone decided to take his life and the somebody know exactly what has happened Why this teen because he was a healthy and clean young man and was killed for some sick reason. Were is the common sense here, the people of this small town should be going to school with there children..

  • Tracey - 10 years ago

    When a black teen is shot, people in charge of the investigations are always under the impression that they did something to deserve it. Had Kendrick Johnson been a white teen, we wouldn't be having this conversation because it would've been solved already.

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