Do you think legislators should remove the DPS/OHP exemption for dash cam video?

  • Eddie - 7 years ago

    They will say the video cameras cost too much and stop putting them in the police cars. Just like Oklahoma City PD.

  • Jimbo - 7 years ago

    Ya know, it's time for taxpayers everywhere to wake up and stand up. These clowns(govt.) take OUR money and create their own 'exemptions' and 'laws',,,Hell with that ! It's time that WE create the 'laws' that WE live by OR NO MORE MONEY ! PERIOD ! Haven't ya had ENOUGH ? DaaaaaaaaNG

  • Warren Hendershot - 7 years ago

    sadly our state troopers are acting more like bullies and not a service for the people. They are not so much afraid of criminals with fire arms, more afraid of concerned citizens with cameras. Its not the citizens privacy there looking out for, its the troopers. I was recently told I had no rights once a trooper shows up to an accident on HIS highway.
    Some suggestions for the reporter to look into.... The speed limit in the entire state is 35 miles per hour unless posted otherwise, problem is some postings are 10 or 20 miles apart in the rural areas.
    Vehicle owners have the right to hire the towing service of there choice when needed, this is a state law giving owners this right.

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