Should Beyonce boycott Kim and Kanye's wedding?


  • RedboneSonya - 9 years ago

    I'm just mad, because I wanna go I KNOW its either of the two... a classy deep well planned extravaganza OR a all out lets get these blood on the leaves lit rachetdy debacle. I LOVE ME SOME KANYE!!!! George Bush does not like black people .....

  • Cradicus - 9 years ago

    I love how is both for getting some one off death row AND for registering one's dislike of random pop culture stuff.

  • Derrick - 9 years ago

    Yes, she should boycott this joke of a so-called relationship. Kim Kardashian has already proven that she will do anything for tv ratings and money. And hasn't she already been married 3 other times. What's the big deal. I put the over under on this marriage at 2 years

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