Can A Bishop Or Pastor Remain Single And Lead A Flock?

  • Baby Boo - 7 years ago

    well I would like to know does loretta even go to church regularly, there is something so wrong with that relationship both the bishop and loretta needs help from God how can he allow this women to attack another women of God a first Lady even if they are questioning their relationship it needs questions there are to many things going on that are just wrong. who does Loretta think that she is she has been in the picture to long and now thinks that she is the wife and has the power of one they are both being very messy and why is she always at his house at night? she needs to move out of the way.Bishop said that he did not choose her that was her first mistake the man should go after the woman not the other way around other wise you don't really know where you stand with him. if he does marry this women he knows as well as others that it will not work for many reasons and if God has not ordained it it not going to work i don't care how much he trust her. it is so sad i know she knows that he doesn't want to marry why is she trying to force him is her self esteem that low and why is he leading her on he had to know a long time ago that this women motive was to get him to marry her come on now. they both need God's help we all need to pray for both of them. this is not a relationship it's a game that they are playing to see who will win and that is sad. i really think that Loretta thinks that she is the stuff because Bishop Jones allows her to be in his life, but what does God say.

  • dee - 7 years ago

    noel jones need much prayer he knows the word of God but will not live it. i'm not judgeing him, the word judge him. Loretta are a beautiful women why is she wasting her life with a man that won't commit. her true soul mate is waiting let God lead you to him. If Loretta wait another 16 years she will become his nurse and not really a wife.

  • SJ - 7 years ago

    C Perry Noel Jones may be a great entertainer in the Pulpit and outside of it but my whole point is this, he is NOOO Apostle Paul. Not even close.

  • SJ - 7 years ago

    Dear C Perry from Virginia please tell us when did the Apostle Paul have a girlfriend for 16 yrs or more?

  • C Perry Virginia Beach Va - 7 years ago

    I think we need only to look at the Apostle Paul to answer that question. Nuff Said!!

  • Diane - 7 years ago

    His personal life has a lot to do with him being a pastor. Jones has a problem with commitment. How can he tell me about marriage when he still has fear about his past. This is something that he needs to overcome. So what he is saying I cant over come this. Therefore this hurts the overall ministry. He has more women in his church instead of women. he need protection, a wife will do that. The girlfriend needs to move on. Now he getting old, he will need care. He's not 20 or 30 any more.

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