Do you think the bus driver should be allowed to pray with the children who want to pray?

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  • Elle - 10 years ago

    If you don't think religion and school should be connected then come to Utah first. Minnesota is the least of your worry!! The Mormon religion is so much involved in the school system, its not even funny! The kids can take seminary classes, for being Mormon. I am not a Mormon,I am a christian, and if they can have classes for Mormons in school, then I should be able to have the right to take a Christian class or if you are Catholic take Catholic classes etc.. But guess what this is not offered. The teachers view and the way they do things all is based on their religion. I have even been at events and played for the school sport and we have always prayed before. ( might i remind you Mormon prayers, but the prayer has a different meaning to them then it might you). In the end, no one cares. Religion is the biggest fought right, because we all think were right and know the best. Just like the congress. (equaling shutdown).

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