Is There A Cover-Up In The Kendrick Johnson Case?


  • Tiera M Mitchell - 7 years ago

    This story has shaken me to the core as a mother of a only son I can not imagine this happening to my baby lord please give these parents strength to push forward for the truth which is fucking obvious he was murdered by envious Sicko's fuck them I hope they burn in hell after years of torture and agony!,????

  • TRUTH - 8 years ago

    Why doesn't ANYONE address the FACT that Kendrick Johnson went to school on 1/10/13 wearing a pair of LONG pants and enters the gym (1:09pm) in same LONG pants. But, when found on 1/11/13 at 8:32am (just a few minutes after Mrs. Johnson arrives to the school/gym at 8:00am) Kendrick is wearing blue jean SHORTS - inside the rolled up gym mat! NOT long pants.

    But, yet everyone; including the family, INSISTS that Kendrick never left the gym after entering at 1:09pm.

    Where did he change his clothes? Where did he get the clothes? He has NO pack back on him at this time.

    Another school video image suggests that another picture is of Kendrick Johnson at 1:23pm
    Only this person is not in the gym or no longer n the gym . He is walking down the hall towards what appears to be glass or double doors.

    Did Kendrick Johnson leave the school property before the incident?(Missed classes after 1:09pm)

    IF ...where did he go? When did he come back on property? When did the incident (really) occur?

    Why was the student in the red shirt and khaki pants (who looked to have passed something off to Hall or the other guy standing in hall way) never questioned? Or, story told? Who is he. He didn't stay with Kendrick and/or the FIRST 2 guys that walk in along with Kendrick.

    What was Hall looking at or for through the outside glass door ...seconds before entering the gym. Who were these additional 2 guys that came in from outside seconds after Kendrick entered the gym ....(6) SIX guys in all. AT THIS TIME. But, on one camera you can see them walk into the gym from hallway but, on the other camera you can NOT see them ever actually in the gym??? The different cameras recording the same spot one listing 12:59 from the outside while the other camera inside the gym shows 1:09? Off by 10 minutes. Or, did KJ and the boys just stop at the door way of the gym after entering for 10 minutes.

    Why are there 6 guys entering the gym at 12:59/1:09 but, the inside camera does not show them ALL entering the gym. Only 3 or 4 at most. Where did they go?

  • G - 11 years ago

    It deeply saddens me that a group of individuals could be so cruel & selfish as to cover up the murder of this young man. Murder is wrong, especially so blatant as in this case, but to think he was so young; a sophomore in high school. It just goes to show you what type of world we truly do live in. I personally believe that a student(s) at the school murdered Kendrick, and a family member of some sort is pulling all the stops to keep it under wraps. I suppose it proves the theory that "the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree." Clearly this is the work of a group of people, the thought behind making this appear an accident is just all too complex. I believe its the work of dedicated & loving parents whose intuition moved them to work on their son's behalf & expose what's really occurred, and still occurring, here. All in all I hope the federal personnel involved are truly dedicated to getting to the bottom of this situation, & do it in due time, because God knows the sick people behind this are without a doubt caught up on the case. Rest in peace Kendrick!

  • Robin Lockley-Miller - 11 years ago

    It doesn't take a rocket scientist to tell that there is huge conflicting information in relation to Kendrick Johnson's death and the facts that have been presented. It is so obvious that the criminal investigation appears to be blocked through his organs disappearing, to his clothing vanishing and the hours that could have been crucial in discovering vital facts to solve the mystery were too stagnant. I have looked at all the tapes and they appear altered to hide something....In one tape there is a young guy whom appears to be waiting for Kendrick and passes something to some guys on the side, then they walk in behind him. Yet on other tapes, these men whom were seen behind him vanish on the tape. I do believe this is a cover-up and it was done to protect the criminal behavior of someone or groups of individuals. And I am appalled that there were no teachers around to monitor the students in the hallways or even in the gym. This is definitely a travesty of justice for this young man and his family to endure; and a lawsuit that would benefit the family; but nothing can replace this young man's life or pay for the anguish that his family has endured.

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