Do you think Sanchez is entitled to some of the money?


  • Yannira Declet - 9 years ago

    it makes me SICK to read these stories! Idk why God allows people like Quezada to have so much. He's Selfish and YES I THINK SHE (SANCHEZ), DESERVES A GOOD PIECE OF THE CAKE. Why would them not being married change anything in this case, she was with him for 10years, they have a child, he was obviously committed already by choice he chose her to be his partner & she stood by him when he lived limited oh but now that he has money he wants to forget who had his back when he was a 'Nobody' sort of speak. THATS WRONG!

  • Justine Battle - 9 years ago

    I really don't think his live in girlfriend has the right to his winnings. On the other hand why would he be so selfish to not want to share some. A Higher Power Does Not Like Ugly. Money is the root of all evil and if I were her I would not want any of his money.

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