Should UK Police Officers have Taser ??

  • Phil S - 6 years ago

    I was strongly against arming of Police throughout my career, but I am now of the opinion that all Officers should have some form of defence that does not involve close contact. The Public do not know which Officer armed and which isn't, therefore those Officers who are unarmed are at greater risk. Regrettably it is time to bring British Police Officers in line with their counterparts abroad, they have to be armed, even if only with tasers.

  • Alan Horsfield - 7 years ago

    The Taser is a very effective means of controlling certain dangerous situations, But it has the potential to be quite a lethal item of equipment for all Police Officers to use, In some situations the Officer can decide to back off and call for backup in the form of Firearms or specially trained Officers. But there will always be a situation which demands immediate action and the Officer attending would have to use his Baton or Spray and possibly also risk injury too himself, But I feel the use of them is better left too those specially trained to use them.

  • Mike Vince - 7 years ago

    What the general public have to realize is that a Tazer is a least lethal option to be used. The alternative is to deploy full on firearms with the consequent likelihood of death! We should not expect a police officer to die doing his/her job. Repeat offenders, having been let off through the criminal justice system, seem to want to challenge authority leading to police officers greater need for protection with a Taser.

  • R Withers - 7 years ago

    Give all officers Taser it works as a deterrent as well as making some of the idiots out there think of fighting officers.
    Police officers do a great job, just a shame they are let down by the cps. Keep up the excellent work.

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