Do you think Aolani's school handled the bullying appropriately?

Total Votes: 3,059

  • Educator - 9 years ago

    By the way, I did not vote. But this is a very unfortunate situation for the little girl and her family.

  • Educator - 9 years ago

    This short commentary does not provide enough information for anyone to make the call on whether or not it was handled appropriately. Clearly, just based on what is written it doesn't appear it was handled correctly, but without all of the information it is not sound to take a stance solely based off of emotion. School personnel must operate off of facts and policies, unfortunately things do not always appear to favor public opinion. But the laws of the land, especially in the schools today; do not allow the school personnel to enact consequences that were once deemed appropriate for misbehavior and we have todays parents to thank for that. Thus, depending on which end your child falls on in any situation your opinion of handling appropriately or inappropriately may be slanted. IJS

  • nikki p - 9 years ago

    Oh Mylanta!!!!! Justice was clearly not served

  • teresa - 9 years ago

    you need to read the police report and the doctors report it was dealt with the right way.

  • Peaches - 9 years ago

    I really think you should get a lawyer. Transferring her to a different class room is insulting and the principal did nothing either just suspend the other child for a day. The infection that she got from the hair pulling could have killed her if it would have spread through her body. Thank GOD it wasn't my child because the law would have been involve.

  • Daphne Johns - 9 years ago

    My daughter endured a similar situation. My daughter (4 at the time) is a Black child who had her hair ripped from the scalp. I went to the school to get clarification and justice . The school said that they did not know the condition of her hair prior to the incident and would not punish the other girl (a known trouble maker) because she said my daughter pulled her hair first. . My daughter received multiple awards for behavior The teacher said unfortunately that the good kids go under the radar because her focus was on the troubled kids. I went to the school the next day to observe and the child was clearly in need of more guidance than her classroom was equipped for. I was told to transfer my child. So I feel your pain . I sincerely hope someone does something about this type of bullying.

  • tthrower - 9 years ago

    the school and teacher should be sued and the teacher should be fired for allowing it to go on after it was reported.

  • julia east - 9 years ago

    Whoever voted yes are clearly idiots ..

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