What did you think of the ruling at the end of Patriots-Panthers?

Posted 5 years.


  • Pete - 5 years ago

    It was a bad call that is made all the time. Gronkowski couldn't maneuver wrapped up by the defender. He may have been able to get to the ball and make the catch. Each official has a responsibility to watch for certain things. That's the reason an official may appear to be blind when something happens near him. There is no excuse for overruling the official who had the responsibility in that situation.

  • Glenn - 5 years ago

    should explain why there was no foul right at the spot instead of left the field without saying anything

  • Lou Filippetti - 5 years ago

    Whether the ball was catchable or not is irrevelant. Gronk was being held[or mugged]. I believe the penalty for defensive holding is five yards and an automatic first down. Also is it OK for a defensive player to contact a receiver more than five yards downfield when the ball is still in the air and not close to any receiver? I would like to ask the official who threw the flag what penalty he was going to call and why did he let another official in the end zone overrule him. He clearly had the best view of the whole play.

  • Tom Di - 5 years ago

    For a great game like that to end on such a BAD call is nothing short of a TRAGEDY! The defender BLATANTLY interfered with the receiver. It wasnt even questionable. How could he have made the catch with the defenders arms around him, basically bear hugging him and carrying him toward the end zone. The call was made immediately as it should have. Would have been the best offence against the best defense for the game. BUT no the official totally deprived us as fans to a historical ending. That was GROSS negligence by the NFL officials. And then to scurry off the field with no explanation was as cowardly as an act possible. These officials need to be made accountable for their acts, fined and or suspended.

  • Richard Hurtz - 5 years ago

    But I thought these guys are so much better than the replacement refs! The "real" refs never make mistakes, right? The refs this year have been just as bad as the replacements were last year only they are getting paid way more money to do so. The media and propaganda against the replacement refs last year was some of the worst I ever seen! Refs should be able to be fired/cut at anytime just like players who make mistakes that cost their teams a game.

  • hill billy bimbo billy bob - 5 years ago

    I am not a Pats fan, but that call ruined what would have been a great ending to a great game. The ball was not catchable ONLY because the defender was all but tackling Gronkowski & pushing him away from where he was supposed to be in order to catch the football. It was a very blatent pass interference-no question in my mind. It seemed as if the refs were tired and wanted to go home. Very sad to see this type of non-sense in the NFL.

  • FmrPioneer - 5 years ago

    It's hard to feel sorry for the Patriots who have been the beneficiaries of MANY, MANY dubious calls over the years (tuck rule, 'just give it to him', their 1st Super Bowl where they commited pass interference on almost every play, filming the Jets sideline DURING a game and not having to forfeit, etc., etc.). It looked very questionable but at the same time it is hard to imagine that Gronk could have reversed himself and come back to the ball about 5 - 6 yds, and gotten through the defender to be able to make a play on that ball.

  • jp - 5 years ago

    Because an official has been in two Superbowls, doesn't mean he missed this call! It was an obvious foulard should not have been negated because the ball appeared to be "uncatchable?" Gronkowski was held and impeded, and therefore, could not get to the ball!

  • Thmoke Hweed - 5 years ago

    Shoulda, woulda, coulda, says the ref



  • Pat T - 5 years ago

    It wasn't "catchable" onl y because the defender pulled the receiver out of the play.

  • Chris Riches - 5 years ago

    It was NOT a foul as it was deemed an uncatchable ball and that came from a referee of TWO Superbowls. Pats fans need to suck it up and accept the loss., like its never gone in their favour before!

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