Is Kanye West's video for 'Bound 2' gross or cute?

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Poll posted 6 years ago.


  • Charm - 6 years ago

    That was ridiculous. It was boring and I couldn't get past the fact her hair was blowing the wrong way. Suspended disbelief is one thing but my goodness work with the viewer a little, ya know? The video was simply an opportunity to point out who he is banging. Yay. Everyone loves sloppy 412ths.

  • Amira idris - 6 years ago

    This song + video is about kanye and not if you hate kim piss off and leave kanye because you can never be like him..I love you kanye + I love everything you do,your song and your life and if you really like him,then I don't think you would bother about kim!!wish you all the best kanye!and that video is cute because they are in love and I am sure,all you haters would never get a man like kanye in you fucked up lifes,so let them be...I support you all the way kanye and kim!

  • Hey Bear - 6 years ago

    I think the song and video are beautiful. They're in love.

  • janine Rodriguez Gonzalez - 6 years ago

    I like Kanye but Kim is going to destroy him and I feel sorry for him and the baby he loves so much.His MoM wouldn't like what he's been doing.Too bad she had to leave him so soon. Kanye you and your family are in my prayers God bless you.

  • hmmmm - 6 years ago

    two idiots with a video camera

  • Johnny Abdoe - 6 years ago

    You know when you see crap like that it makes you realize what's wrong with country today. Video is another dumb African who hates on white people rapping ignorant garbage while he's banging a well know slut on his moped. Boy does he look stupid LOL....

  • Barney Rubble - 6 years ago

    Nice scenery at the start of the vid, but oh dear..the track sounds like something done by a 12yr old on GarageBand.

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