Will you go shopping on Thanksgiving?

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Posted 5 years.


  • Amanda - 5 years ago

    I would rather shop online and maybe not get as good of a deal as the ones on black friday, but then I don't have to stand in line, deal with the crowds, and I get the stuff delivered to me. All from the comfort of my home!

  • Terry Ekstrom - 5 years ago

    I worked for Stop & Shop for the last 21 years. When I first started, ALL the major holidays were days off. Slowly, but surely, we saw them all disappear....with the exception of Christmas day...unless you were one of the unfortunate nightcrew associates that had to be in at 11p.m.. Of course, only the store employees had the pleasure of working...upper management were all home with their families enjoying the day. While at work, damn near every customer would make some kind of comment regarding how "shocked they were that the store was open". Well, let me say this about that...."Stay home then! The ONLY reason they forced us to work on holidays is because SOMEONE wanted to buy something! If you people would've just stayed home...the companies that did open would see that it was a complete waste of their precious payroll, since NO ONE shopped all day in that store" I am no longer employed by S&S. I quit my job this past summer. The bullshit got to be too much. This is the first time in 21 years that I will actually get to ENJOY the holidays instead of dreading their arrival! Kudos, to any retailer that puts a higher value on keeping their employees happy over lining their pockets!!!

  • donna blake - 5 years ago

    why now and not years past people dont thi k bout the health care workers that has to work I work 28 Thanksgiving and Christmas also

  • IAdrienne - 5 years ago

    I really commend a business that puts it's employees having family time ahead of the dollar. So happy there are still a few retailers like these and Chick-Fil-A, we need more of them. And please do remember to shop at the locally own businesses.

  • Lady - 5 years ago

    It is a crime that is being commited by any store that will be opend on Thanksgiving! These stores are taking away a very special commodity, that is very rare in todays society and that is "Family Quality Time". In todays fast paced world families don't get the opportunity to enjoy each other except on Specail Holidays, Thanksgiving & Christmas! Please stores it is not worth the money to become a Scrouge! Close those stores so that families can enjoy friends & love ones! Even the Homeless look forward to Thansgiving & Christmas!

  • Rick - 5 years ago

    Being that I worked retail for several years...several of those years was with Blockbuster Video...like what Kim stated...we would get people in the store saying "wow...I can't believe you guys are open today" to which I would think the same....wow...I can't believe you're actually in here and if you wouldn't have come in, we wouldn't had had to open...Retail employees rarely get full holidays off...when all the offices/business' are closed for Easter, July 4th, Labor Day, etc....those working retail still have to struggle thru...WITHOUT any extra pay or any type of bonus for having to work. This year I already anticipate the news to be covered with stories of theft, robberies, people held at gunpoint...we've already seen an increase and each day there's more and more reports of those things happening....by opening on Thanksgiving, you're opening things up for more issues. But mostly...give your employees a break, a chance to say Thank you for the hard work they've done and the much harder work they are getting ready to do.....make them feel appreciated...not like work dogs

  • s - 5 years ago

    AMEN to both commets

  • Kim Williamson - 5 years ago

    I have worked retail for 26 years and did not like when people would shop and then tell me "I am sorry you have to work today". If they were truly sorry they would have stayed their behinds at home. Yes, I am thankful I have a job would be my reply to all the people who would state " just be glad you have a job". But, The Almighty Dollar has this world so divided, people have lost the sight that Christ and family is first.

  • Terri Byerly - 5 years ago

    I support every retailer that is closed for ANY holiday, specifically Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas and Easter. I would even support those that would choose to be closed on Sunday! More time with family, a day of rest and a day to worship. Think of the money retailers would save.

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