Why do you use free antivirus?


  • Al - 9 years ago

    I switched to Microsoft Security Essentials because I got sick and tired of the adware prompting me to renew early over and over again, followed by the de facto blackmail that my machine would be left vulnerable immediately after the contract expired (rather than just not providing updated virus signatures).

  • Khizar Hayat - 11 years ago

    Simply I can't afford the coast of antiviruses.

  • Mark - 11 years ago

    In a nutshell
    Kaspersky Labs
    PURE 3.0
    The Best Damn Virus Protection Out There. "PERIOD"
    I Will Allways Go Green For Kaspersky Labs
    Have Done Most Of My Computing Life,
    Cant Even Remember When I last Had A virus
    Thanks To Kaspersky's Protections
    And Thats Also On My Other Comp That I Do Most Of My Downloading On
    CHEERS Kaspersky Labs
    You Are The Best
    Mark... ;-]

  • Justin Bivens - 11 years ago

    Free does not mean less protection. Avast for example there is no difference between the free version and paid for version (unless you upgrade to internet security). This is the same for Avg and many others. I agree that many of the more main stream paid for programs such as ESET, Kaspersky, Norton, and McAfee. The last two Norton and McAfee have actually improved quite a bit even showing quicker boot times than the light weight (and awful) MSE. Are better than the free programs But this is simply due to how many customers they have in Corporate markets that allow them to build a larger definition base for malware protection.

  • Jeremy - 11 years ago

    I don't need paid antivirus simply because i have a backup Hard-drive with all my data on it, my current (free) antivirus scans all downloaded files and i always virus check usb/discs before opening them, just a few simple ways of stopping a virus in its tracks :D also if all does go wrong in goes the windows system image disc! all is saved with a few precautions...

  • curt - 11 years ago

    I would dearly love to use Kaspersky Internet Security but my fixed income just won't allow it.

  • Susan Wroten - 11 years ago

    Been using this plan for about 4 to 5 years. It works I paid over 200 dollars to get my computer fix because the web site gave me a free virus protect...yes right the virus disable my computer and it took 2 weeks for Best Buy to get it out . They put Kerpersky on it and I use it for my lap top too...SAVED ME MONEY...THANKS

  • Philip H - 11 years ago

    what i do is i get the Paid version every year of Kaspersky Internet Security Suite free after mail in rebates then send in my rebate then its FREE!!!!!!!! AM i the only one that does this ? LOL

  • Asoka Dissanayake - 11 years ago

    For updating of antivirus databases AV programs use a lot of bandwidth, particularly paid antivirus software. Paid solutions like Kaspersky does this in real time and the databases are growing day by day. Free solutions do update their databases but don't consume much bandwidth.

  • Chad - 11 years ago

    I don't use free Anti-Virus, nor do I ever recommend it to my clients. Viruses and Anti-Virus applications is like a continuous game of chess. Therefore you need to pay for the best! How well will anyone work for free? Quite frankly I think small break fix shops that recommend people use free anti-virus do so hoping their client will get another virus and they can make another bench fee for repairing their PC.

  • Vladimir - 11 years ago

    I use Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 and i believe its the best antivirus in the world. Free antiviruses act as Ad-ware themselves, offer you a premium licence for a price which is not worthwhile paying, since you can buy Kaspersky.

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