Are there enough Police Dogs in the UK ?

  • Sivarnee H. - 8 years ago

    Keep calm and love police dogs. They become your work partner, friend and protector in such a useful and heroic role.

  • Peter Brotherhood - 8 years ago

    One dog is worth at least four beat Coppers!

  • Dave - 8 years ago

    I have served as a front line constable for 30 yrs. I can give you many many stories where a police dog would have been needed but was not available, including one instance where it would have prevented me being hospitalised and have assisted the detention of several criminals. The funny thing, on this occasion I was with a very highly trained dog handler who had lost his dog due to these cut backs. not efficient and not cost effective Chief Constable. Lets have our dogs back please.

  • dibble - 8 years ago

    Having worked alongside a couple of dog handlers as a special constable within my own force over my 25 years service I have to say dog handlers are invaluable to the police service. Their capabilities and presence can be equivalent to a number of beat officers in the detention of offenders and the containment of violent situations. They are a particularly valuable resource in rural force areas and I can not understand why police forces are willing to reduce dog numbers. Perhaps the bosses need take a week out and and work alongside these guys to see what they can do.

  • Jill - 8 years ago

    I believe there should be at least one trained GP dog on every district at ALL times. they are worth their weight in gold as are the officers who work with them.

  • do99ie - 8 years ago

    Recall being made "redundant " from the dog section when it was reduced by over 50%. My transition back to so called front line policing was traumatic. Had it not been for an understanding Sgt and other shift members I dread to think what I might have done to at least one member of the public. Anyway after approx. 18 months and a change of Chief the numbers were reinstated and I felt very lucky to be one of the chosen few. I Served most of my service as a member of the Dog section. Good Days

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