HP or HG


  • GOD - 10 years ago

    I strongly recommend the Harry Potter series, although to be honest, I've never read the Hunger Games. I started reading the HP series in elementary school and watched the last movie while I was in college so it has had a profound impact on my life. I wrote many book reports on the stories and even a college essay on J.K. Rowling. In the HP series, I easily could relate to a specific character and I know others who related to a completely different character, which is hard to believe considering everyone involved can do magic and I cannot. The variety in the HP series is an attribute that you should also consider. Although, there is the main end goal of the series, there are many more intricate details and storylines that keep the books fresh. Speaking from personal experience, I have all 7 books as well as 3 official and 3 non-official supplemental books that you would be more than welcome to read. My identity shall remain a mystery, but if you knew who I truly am, you would be quite surprised I feel so passionately towards this series.

  • T - 10 years ago

    While I think you/your writing may benefit from the dystopian themes of Hunger Games, my recommendation is Harry Potter. It has better characterization, better plot, and better writing. Hands down, it is the better series. I enjoyed Hunger Games immensely, but I would choose Harry Potter any day.

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