Was The Pastor Right For Doing this in front of the whole church?


  • vernell alexander - 10 years ago

    I think the pastor should have a better relationship with his mucian and director to have called and talked to them than getting up in front of a congregation and fronting them like this. If that had been me, I would leave and not come back to that church again.

  • KiminHouston - 10 years ago

    That wasn't open rebuke, that was embarrassing people for his own pleasure. If he was tired of the song, he could have shown up at choir rehearsal and made it known, not wait until they are about to sing it and do what he did. God is a God of order and that was so out of order and rude and no one wants to be embarrassed, especially when you are doing something for the Lord! I'm sure if he got up and preached about TITHING, most pastor's favorite subject; and someone jumped up and said "pastor we already know about tithing, you keep preaching about it, we want to hear something else. Aint that right congregation, don't we want to hear something else...." I'm almost certain they would have gotten an ear-full from the pastor!

  • Loretta Cleg g - 10 years ago

    PROVERB 27:5 Open rebuke is better than secret love.

  • anthony Brown - 10 years ago

    As the pastor why can't he command a new song...yes some choirs sing that same ole song because they can sing the devil out of it...but that song maybe not the testimony some wanna keep hearing it....so the pastor spoke about it...what was wrong with that...now when the choir finish singing and step down...they may feel some type of way...but guess what some of the member will be glad he did what he did....so to God be the glory...

  • Anthony Monroe - 10 years ago

    They only said he was right because he's a so called pastor, but they are just crooks and backstabbers to

  • DR. Paul Johnson - 10 years ago

    That'swhat is wrong with lot of Churches today............The Pastors try to micro-manage everything. I am sure people get tired of him telling lies every Sunday also. Some people will say Amen to anything.

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