Who should play for BCS title: unbeaten OSU or one-loss SEC champ?

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Posted 6 years.


  • Allen Guice - 6 years ago

    The thought of vaulting a 1 loss SEC Champion over an undefeated Major Conference Champion is absurd. As absurd as allowing a 1 loss SEC team play in a Nat'l Championship game when it did'nt win it's own conference over a 1 loss Major Conference Champion 2 years ago. Without a playoff system this is the best solution, and everyone know the rules " You Loose You're Out!" Anyway strength of schedule is used to differ when teams have THE SAME RECORD & POSITION "ie" a 1 loss SEC Champion and a 1 loss BIG 10 OR BIG 12 Champion. Not a 1 loss SEC team and a 1 loss BIG 12 Champion and most definitely not a 1 loss SEC Champion and a UNDEFEATED BIG 10, ACC, PAC 10 or BIG 12 Champion! Also Conference Strength, Power, Dominance like all things in this life are fleeting and history shows that other conferences at one time also carried this mantle, and the time will come when it no longer will be in the care of the SEC. Lastly with all due respect to the AD's of Auburn and Missouri allowing Alabama and LSU play for the Nat'l Championship in a replay match of SEC teams was a sham. The disrespect to Oklahoma State and the rest of fair minded College Football fans was UNAMERICAN. YES maybe on paper and in the stats LSU and Alabama was the better game, but in a tournament for a Nat'l Title with no playoff system Oklahoma State V LSU was the right and fair game. So I hope we get the Right and Fair Game whoever it may be until the playoff next year where it will be decided (For the most part) on the field and not by votes.

  • robert catalano - 6 years ago

    If the reason Ohio State was voted number two in the polls was because they are at this time undefeated, then why is Northern Illinios ranked so low and not even in the conversation. Don't blame their schedule, Ohio States not much better. It's all about politics and money.

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