Should The Bus Driver Have Been Fired?


  • ProfessLCH - 9 years ago

    This episode's pic gives me a sadz. Mayne.... I hate everything. :o(

  • Erica - 9 years ago

    I feel bad for the bus driver. No he didn't follow protocol, but he safely diffused the situation. he was trying to help the little bad ass fucker. As Karen says "punk ass parents'' need to step their game up and start checking book bags. These kids are bad as hell and need good sound ass whoopings.

  • AstronautJonez - 9 years ago

    It seems like the bus driver was just trying to appease the kids. If they're complaining about the boy having a knife, you can't just let him keep it. He probably even gave it back to the kid after dropping him off. I blame the parents, that kid is just a couple years from carrying swords and you know what happens then...

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