The economy: America is heading for


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  • iakon - 13 years ago

    Poor Sarah. She doesn't know what LOGIC is.

  • Sarah - 13 years ago

    So promised that a conservative would be swayed to the left side just by viewing their blog. Every majority vote for each poll they show on their site proves that this is not the case. It looks like this site didn't really get anybody to change their mind because speaking as a conservative, we all know their arguement is smoke and mirrors, much like their solutions. Liberals (left wing) runs off emotion and how people "feel", they categorize people and if you do not belong to a group or can be categorized as poor, hungry, mistreated etc. then they do not care about you. Conservatives believe in cold hard facts and logic and believe in people as individuals. We don't all have the same problem, we are individuals with individual ideas, opinions, beliefs, ideas, problems and solutions. I, for one, am so very thankful I understand the truth in today's world and know where to turn and who to go to and who to listen to to hear the truth in and amongst the lies and corruption of this "free country". Have we noticed that the majority of the ones with cold hard facts and LOGIC and just plain smarts just so happen to be more susceptible to religion? The Bible reveals all from thousands of years ago to the future end of this world. We ARE in Revelation and everything that has happened lately and is to come has been spoken of in the end times. Check it out some time. Isn't it amazing that a book of "stories written by multiple people over multiple years" has been and is and will continue to be SO accurate in the actions of the world today and what has happened not only to us but to the rest of the world? I don't know about you but I think God knows what he's talking about. After all, He made us! So next time you wonder if what is being said has any grain of truth in it, look it up in the Bible and see what the REAL president has to say! God Bless!!! =)

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