Do YOU think Rita Ora will make a good actress in 50 Shades?

  • Dee - 8 years ago

    Whora will NOT be a good option for the film & here is why! She is a money grabbing, attention seeking camera whore! They need to keep the film full of people aren't constantly trying to get they're pictures in the papers all the time which they managed to do before she came along & wrecked my whole 50 Shades experience. She will NEVER be seen or classed as Mia in many people's eyes, they only picked her because like millions of other "so called celebs of today" she plays on her looks. I bet she paid them to hire her, dicks like that with plenty of money work that way & folk like those who commented first on this are too brainwashed to see that and are probably under the age of 21 & or blind. Those with any sense will petition this or refuse to see the film as she seems to want everything to be about her. The rest of the cast so far are fine but the actual thought of WHORA in this film makes me feel physically ill. People like this who love themselves and money beyond compare trying to class themselves as "celebrities" need a good kickin in my opinion, this is the most disgusting news that I have heard in ages & I will be doing everything in my power joining those trying to get her out. This film will lose out on billions of viewings now all because they hired her because of her looks. I detest when bints like this come along and try and make it about them when it's damn all to do with them she needs to keep her fake face & tits out of it! DISGUSTING!

  • linzi kerner - 8 years ago

    I think she will be great. Mia is basically a enthusastic young girl who is a bit niave. The Film is going to be Awesome and even if you not 100% happy with the cast you would be a fool not to to at least give it a chance.
    If you dont like it then font see the next 2 movies. I personally can not wait I think Jamie Dornan is Hot !

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