Will You Join The Sauce Revolution?


  • PrinceLeron - 10 years ago

    There's a McDonald's here in Boston that gives two dipping sauces for a ten-piece nugget but only three for a twenty-piece. That shit don't even add up. I average three nuggets per dipping container. Limited sauces take all of the romance out of splitting a twenty-piece with your significant other. I tried to bully the young Asian girl into giving the extra buffalo sauce but she went and got her manager. When I saw that the manager was a middle-aged black woman I knew that dry nuggets were in my immediate future. It's situations like this that makes me sad to be an American. All I wanted was some hot sauce in my bag, hot sauce in my bag.

  • ProfessLCH - 10 years ago

    This episode's pic is EVERYTHING, lololol!

  • Miss Krysable - 10 years ago

    Ante Up run yo packets fool! We snatching the sugar, splenda and the flavored coffee creamers. We accidentally on purpose dropping food on the ground to get a free refill, be belligerent once we go to the pick up window insist we asked for 2 apple pies so we could get them for free! Whaaa I even started bring back the tupperware to the buffets!

    You know what....tupperware at McDonalds to pump out the sauce into, better yet an empty BBQ Sauce, Ketchup and/or salad dressing bottle . #1 you get rid of the middle man #2 its eco-friendly, plus them tiny paper cups will spill all over in my pocketbook. Just slow pump and look at the cashiers dead in the eye, they know whats up.


    Miss Krysable

  • Chi love - 10 years ago

    Chi Love can't believe this shit.... you didn't ask for a handy you just wanted some sauce ( a handy would have gave her the sauce Chi love love some puns )Chi Love thinks that we need to band together and show them motherfuckas we won't stand for this VIVA LA SAUCE!!!!!!!!!!

  • E. Long - 10 years ago

    Brother Rod :P .... Sister Karen... I can't believe it's almost 2014 and we don't live in a free sauce world. Sauce should be free for you and me!! Sauce is for the people and by the people. It saddens me that you were treated so harshly. if you would like i have a baby pool full of hot mustard at my place we could around in. it and dip our taters in that sweet hot sauce. The sauce revolution has begun indeed.

    Happy Holiday. E.Long AKA Ready Eddie.

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