Will Obama Raise Taxes?


  • Bob - 14 years ago

    Obama will fuck the USA just like Jimmy Carter.

  • Cosmotone - 15 years ago

    Communist Obama and his Pro-Abortion Socialist Gestapo will CHANGE USA into USSA - United Socialist States of America.


  • Dan - 15 years ago

    ann, have you ever heard the phrase "The loudest are often the most wrong"? Nice long paragraph of exaggerated propaganda. In response to your assertion: "Communism is a cake walk compared to what's in store for the USA" - please move to a communist country as soon as the USA gets what's coming to it. Let us all know how it goes. FAIL.

  • ann - 15 years ago

    NO ROGER, Obama ia a radical Muslim who closest associates for over 20 years are anti-white, anti-semitic, and anti-American. Obama with his muslim leanings was "selected" to be the puppet in the White House by George Soros, a radically-left, anti-Jew, (who is Jewish himself) Bush-hating and pro-muslim, who has basically bought out the Democratic party as he happens to be the money-man behind the Democratic campaign and moveon.org. He is continuing to contribute $1million per month to defeat McCain. Soros, can never be president as he was born in Hungary, and as a teen ager collaborated with the Nazis during WWII in helping to confiscate the property of jewish people. He lied to the Nazis and said he was a Christian.If you can't run for the office of President, and you have $75billion and can find an American political party that is willing to sell itself just to get its candidate in office at the expense of America as we knew it, you can be president by proxy- right behind Obama. Communism is a cake walk compared to what's in store for the USA. In itself, Communism is a defeating paradigm, and not the imminent threat to our country. Barrack Obama is. Try www.obamaassociates.com and take a look at the Rouge's Gallery that makeup the Obama circle of friends. And all of the information regarding Soros can also be found on the web.

  • mad-lex - 15 years ago

    LOL. Does anyone still take Ambinder seriously?

  • Ambinder the cockpig - 15 years ago

    Will Marc suck McCain off: Slowly/Quickly/Quickly and Roughly. Will he do a poll on McCain claiming to reduce the deficit by staying in Iraq and Afghanistan? No. Because he has a big fucking mancrush on his Richard Gere substitute.

  • Roger - 15 years ago

    I got the next poll from Ambers:

    Is Barack Obama a communist?

  • Keith K. - 15 years ago

    Why on Earth is the Atlantic still paying you?

  • Gabriel - 15 years ago

    Why don't you do some research and craft an argument instead of posting a lame poll?

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