Who is the 2013 Christmas Turkey?


  • Sue - 10 years ago

    Well, you certainly didn't make it easy for us! I had to vote for several. The award for `Thank God she had it on that way round` is definitely Azalea Banks, Bobby Trendy wins `Looking like a Christmas turkey while dying for a pee`, Charo gets `If I look like that when I'm 62 please shoot me`, Lil Kim wins `Just go away and put some decent clothes on`. But the overall winner in the `Getting as many things no-one wants to see hanging out of one dress` category has to be Sarah Harding. I have one question though, who ARE these people??

  • Belle - 10 years ago

    These people are the personification of 'more money than sense'. And Lil' Kim should be done by Trading Standards. There's absolutely nothing Lil' there but I suppose 'Stonking Great Kim In Clothes Five Sizes Too Small With Appalling Taste and No Style Whatsoever' wouldn't fit on concert adverts.

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