Compared to 2012, I am reading more...


  • Bufo Calvin - 9 years ago

    Thanks for writing, Eileen!

    I understand. :) Not having increased makes sense as an answer.

    Thanks for writing, Jack!

    Gosh, I hope so! ;) I always indicate that this is likely to be skewed. However, it's worth noting that my readers may have been particularly early adopters. The blog is more than four years old, and I'm sure I've had readers fro the beginning. One might speculate, then, that my readers would be less likely to have increased their e-book reading, since they were likely to be reading more of them earlier...a poll like this doesn't let me get deeper into cause, but I still find them fun. :)

  • Eileen - 9 years ago

    I struggled with this question because although I had to answer that my reading hasn't increased on any of these compared to 2012, it's just because I'm such an avid reader that my reading in general hasn't increased! I don't know that it possibly could :)

  • Jack Lg - 9 years ago


    As most of your readers are e-reader owners/users, this poll might be slightly skewed in that direction. Just an observation, no need to dialogue about this.

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