Having seen two installments of the planned "Hobbit" triology, what do you think of splitting the book into 3 films?

  • Still waiting to see the third one before I decide. (I'm on a 60-year fact-finding mission like Gandalf).
    6 votes

  • Always hated the idea. (My hatred for these films mathces that of Azog the Defiler's towards the dwarves.)
    10 votes

  • It's not perfect but I love it. (I'm blinded by socially misunderstood lourve like Legolas for Tauriel or Tauriel for Kili).
    14 votes

  • Coulda been good but now it's ruined. (We are witnessing the corruption of the filmmakers' hearts by the Arkenstone of "we can make more money this way!")
    21 votes

  • Great so far! (I'm smoking whatever Radagast has in his pipe.)
    8 votes


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