How should Utah handle polygamy?
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  • Brian Johnson - 8 years ago

    Utah should make it completely legal. Joseph Smith was a polygamist and received revelation directly from God (DC 132) to practice polygamy. Brigham Young was a famous polygamist. Utah's whole history is steeped in mormonism and polygamy.

    Mormons in Utah should hold true to their doctrine and practice polygamy.

  • La Nae - 8 years ago

    It should be completely illegal ! They become families that are a burden to Society! Marriage between one man and one wife. That family unit keeps everyone busy enough to keep up to the bills in this day and age. Men take advantage of young girls. And don't say they don't because they do! Polygamy gets way out of hand and out of control. Period!!!

  • Janet - 8 years ago

    Our country was founded on the freedom of religion. Their religion although different from all others is their religion. No different than seventh day Adventists or the church of Scientology, each is based on their beliefs. Why should we pass judgement on polygamy? Not to say I am a believer but I do believe in our constitutional rights.

  • Sidney Liddiard - 8 years ago

    This is not the 1800-1900's. Lets just grow up a bit and allow people, who aren't hurting anyone, live as they choose. This isn't Russia. What is the big deal anyway. Are we that unsecure in Utah??

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