Should McNair Have Been Suspended?

  • Cedric - 8 years ago

    He should have been suspended for a few days maybe a week. The young man has had issues in the past at the school, and unfortunately he has not learned how to conduct himself properly! Maybe if his Father were to get into his behind! He would know how to act in school! His Mother needs to own up to her lack of parenting, that has fostered this foolish action. Hopefully he will learn from this and not make the same mistake again.

  • AL Pitchfork - 8 years ago

    This country is really getting out of control. What really needs to be discussed are the blurred lines between students and teachers, parents and children, etc...

  • Celeste Martin - 8 years ago

    OMG!!! what is this world coming too. Sexual harassment is getting out of control. Maybe someone should explain what sexual harassment is. If someone want to give u and innocent hug accept and keep it moving.
    u don't have to go charging them with sexual harassment. u want to ruin a person's life just because he/she hugged u. My God, people wake up. This world is gone to hell in a handbasket. There was a little boy in kindergarten charged with sexual harassment for kissing a little girl on the hand. Can u believe that??????

  • Richard - 8 years ago

    Where have standards and morals gone , when did it become acceptable for Seniors ,young men to hug their teachers who are in a position of authority over them. They are not co-workers,. And for those of you who say you hug each other at work all the time ,your work site needs to put up a policy notice ,because such practices condoned by management can create a hostile work environment in certain instances.

  • BJBorden - 8 years ago

    Obviously this school does not know the definition of sexual harassment. The way he hugged her it is possible thet his lip and cheek did touch but if not as if he was trying to kiss her. At that angle it could have happened but I am sure it was not intentional. What ever happen to give a little love. How can they add other disciplinary acts to what is not Sexual harassment and suspend him for a whole year so that he will not graduate. What happened to proper procedure before dropping the hatched. Why would she want to ruin this young man's career over a hug that was meant t o brighten her day. She probably was shocked that someone showed her some affection. Its her word against his and it looks like they took hers. Innocent action have caused many people pain. What does pre-K students know about its not proper to hug a classmate in school. I have been greeted by strangers with a hug instead of a handshake but it does not mean he/she was harassing me. This one hug is not sexual harassment. If the person continues to show attentio that is unwanted then that's another issue. Maybe the entire school system should have some sensitivity training and what determines if you are being harassed (sexual or non-sexual) This young man is being railroaded and maybe sg\he has issues with affection. Needless to say, the punishment, if any should have been given, is way too harsh. These rules and regulations should be included in the student handbook and as a reminder a fact sheet at the beginning of each school year. Teahers have been wrongly accused so why can't this be the case of acusing a student because there were witnesses or what. What would she have said if it had just been the t of them "HE TRIED TYO RAPE ME" Give me a break! Both should have been in the principal's office with the parents present before any recourse was decided. A weeks suspebsion with a discussion and warning to the student of the inappropriate jesture.

  • Pauline Lindsey - 8 years ago

    I think the suspension of McNair is highly inappropriate. We give hugs all the time where I work, both men and women. This decision needs to be taken into consideration. I looked at the video and it appears the teacher didn't have a problem with McNair at first and then I guess she realized it was on surveillance camera so she had to make it look like it was out of character so she wouldn't be disciplined. I would contact me a lawyer and then sign a petition on

  • DISGUSTED DISGUSTED - 8 years ago


  • Justine Battle - 8 years ago

    I honestly don't think it's fair to suspend him for a year the consequence does not fit what transpired. On the other hand as the parent I would relocate him to complete his senior year and not make much of a big deal out of what has happen, We all know he will not win in this case and even if he does he will not be treated fairly at that school. LET"S NOT WASTE TIME ON THE SMALL THINGS!

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