Do You Like Beyonce?

  • Chefboyardu - 8 years ago

    I've never been a fan (those lyrics never did it for me), but I respect the hell out of her hustle. There's no denying that she's the hardest working woman in show business. She continues to think of new and innovative ways to entertain her fans while lining her pockets, and I like that about her. For those detractors who say that she has "sold out"- who hasn't "sold out" a little bit to make a dollar? Are everyone's morals 100% aligned with their companies' (except you, Rod)? It's so hypocritical for us to expect celebrities to turn down money because we may not like what they're doing. Also, is she really selling out by advertising for Pepsi? It's so simple- minded to think that a person can only be one way and only that way for the rest of their careers/lives. You can drink Pepsi AND have a healthy lifestyle- the two aren't mutually exclusive. Stop hating and let Yonce fly!! YAAAASSSSSS!!!

  • Chi love - 8 years ago

    Chi Love think she cool. Chi Love don't own any of her albums but the women chi love owns does.

  • E. Long - 8 years ago

    Lord Yes. She is a gift from gawd. The bey hive is in the house. Praise gawd.

  • Charles S. - 8 years ago

    That album drop move was ingenius. Up to a few years back I wasn't a fan. I think she straight now. Her music just became annoying as a man trying to listen to nigga's ain't shit. I respect her hustle though. Can't beat that work ethic. And co-sign to Erica, Rod had me laughing hard by myself riding around at work. Best impersonnation ever!

  • Erica - 8 years ago

    I replayed the part about the cussing mechanic three times. I couldn't contain my laughter in my cubicle today. Old people that cuss crack me up. I can't how i would act if the old lady who gives me starbucks says "Awww shit! We are out of gotdamn caramel."

  • Erica - 8 years ago

    I like Beyonce and thought the secret album was ingenious. I got a text at midnight about her album but didnt roll over and download it. I am not for arguing with people about musicians. At the end of the day, none of these muthafuckas pay my bills so who cares. i probably would cuss someone out if they said that TGWT was the best podcast out though,lol.

  • PrinceLeron - 8 years ago

    This attack against fanhood has to stop. It started when Eminem's "Stan" which had niggas denying their favorite rappers because it seemed uncool. Now it is these pretentious hipsters who are all fighting for fanhood. If you didn't hear the artist when they were doing free gigs in dive bars, then you are not are real fan. And as soon as the artist blows that "fan" decides that the artist is too commercial. Why are people afraid of the small amount of perceived vulnerability that comes with being a fan. The only thing that should change your opinion of an artist is the music or if they are caught with a twelve year old.

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