What is your preferred hero creation method for ICONS?

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  • Cris Folley, Jr. - 9 years ago

    I have trouble picking Specialties and Aspects at the end, so recommendations for these (and maybe Abilities) would be helpful. I like archetype generation plus customization. However, the random power plus "bonus powers"/"extras" does this only for powers. Also, why can only 2 Abilities be swapped? Why not roll 6 levels and assign as desired? I sometimes bounce around the idea of combining M&M 3e's quickstart generator with Icons, which introduces an archetype phase after determining Origin and Powers (with Abilities, Specialties, and Aspects after archetype)--so origin and powers heavily influence archetype selection. Or maybe Abilities and Powers can be swapped so that you could influence archetype on a high ability. I usually get brain fried after thinking about this for too long, which is why nothing happens with it.

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