Do you think Qtax is fair?

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  • Katy Willis - 10 years ago

    I think I like the idea of being taxed more for the choices I make than for working hard. Plane tax and higher road tax on bigger vehicles clearly hit us quite a bit, because those are the choices we make, but I always count that as pretty fair. But then equally I think there are some people who might not be well off; take a nurse living in a rural area, who has to drive to work, and who has family 10,000 miles away she wants to visit once a year. Perhaps she would struggle to cope with Q tax. Either way, i think taxes feel fairer when you can see a logic to them; and certainly when compared to other ways of giving the tax man money like inheritance tax or stamp duty, this feels logical and fair to all, and most importantly, the way to reduce your bill is to do something good (not to do something bad, like many taxes seem to encourage).

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