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Female Athlete of the Year: Cast Your Vote NOW! (Poll Closed)

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  • Arslan Güdek - 9 years ago

    Burcu Dağ

  • MURAT - 10 years ago

    of course BURCU DAĞ

  • roham - 10 years ago

    zahra nemati

  • Serhat ÖKMEN - 10 years ago

    I'm supporting who is good Archery athlete Burcu DAG

  • Joyce Barker - 11 years ago

    I vote for Ericka Jones for Woman Athlete of the year.

  • a - 11 years ago

    I do not follow this, and had to go research after reading the comments. If you dont think Erika is top dog in this well your just plain stupid. Number dont lie

  • Marjoane Frost - 11 years ago

    Great Archer nice laldy

  • ugur - 11 years ago

    Burcu Dağ

  • Erika Jones - 11 years ago

    I am so impressed by the outpouring of support that people have shown the athletes. Thank you for supporting your favorite archer and thank you for supporting archery, in general!

  • truth teller - 11 years ago

    its simply my friend. you vote , then you delete browser history and then you can vote again and again and again

  • To truth teller - 11 years ago

    I would like to know how they are cheating?

  • truth teller - 11 years ago

    really burcu dag has more votes than erika jones and sara lopez?. please stop cheating , remember that winning this poll doesnt mean that you win the athlete of the year . burcu and erika took this contest so far that had to cheat to win . please have some respect for yourselfes and other athetes.

  • Gabriel Pliego - 11 years ago

    Sara Lopez Definitivamente !

  • Priscilla LoPresti - 11 years ago

    She's ranked the highest and thus deserves this honor!!!

  • sena kanar - 11 years ago


  • Tina - 11 years ago

    I think people need to be respectful for all the athletes. Just remember when you point your finger you will have 3 pointing back at you. Good Luck to all of the athletes. I did vote for Erika, Why? because she is down to earth and such an amazing teacher to my daughter, who looks up to her. She also works hard and is extremely talented. Shame on those who show disrespect.

  • Common Sense - 11 years ago

    Its really too bad people cant take this seriously and feel like they have to cheat. I voted Sara Lopez. I believe this was her year, going from the bottom all the way to the top in one season is impressive. Too bad we will actually never know who was the best athlete since people are too moronic and feel the need to make this award garbage by cheating...

  • Jeanie Haertling - 11 years ago

    Erika USA !!!!!!!!

  • Archer2 - 11 years ago

    Everything's true, but I just want to ask why is Sara Lopez here and Alejandra Usquiano is not mentioned?

  • teresa - 11 years ago

    sara is just a girl trying to make her dreams come true, erika always wins everyting, but sara is a fighter, she deservs this

  • buddy valastro - 11 years ago

    antony for president

  • adeewofn - 11 years ago


  • antony - 11 years ago

    sara is better person than erika...she is stupid and rude

  • scottfaggit - 11 years ago

    scott suck my cock

  • scott - 11 years ago

    From the World Archery website:

    World Cup 1
    - Erika (2nd)
    - Sara (no show)
    World Cup 2
    - Erika (9th)
    - Sara (1st)
    World Cup 3
    - Erika (2nd)
    - Sara (4th)
    World Cup 4
    - Erika (2nd)
    - Sara (5th)
    World Cup Final
    - Erika (2nd)
    - Sara (5th)
    World Games
    - Erika (1st)
    - Sara (3rd)

    Erika beat Sara in every major event except the 2nd World Cup. Sara shot the 15 arrow world record, but Erika shot the 72 arrow world record and won the Longines Prize (shot the most 10s in World Cup competition). Erika shot 379 10s to Sara's 263. Erika is ranked #1 in the world, Sara is ranked #3. Clearly, Erika was the most consistent in 2013 and deserves this recognition.

  • LUZ DEISY AGUIRRE - 11 years ago


  • Archer - 11 years ago

    Erika is good. But this year was Sara's year. She won a world cup stage, individual and team, junior world champion, world record holder and more. All that at 18, while being a rookie on the circuit. Sara was the best athlete of 2013! No doubts!

  • Arzu Sevim - 11 years ago

    Başarılar Burcu...

  • dilek hürmeydan - 11 years ago

    destekliyorum burcuyu

  • Ali Durmuş - 11 years ago

    Kendisini desdekliyorum başarılarının devamını diliyorum.

  • herney - 11 years ago

    Doble campeona en Turquia. Impuso un nuevo Record del Mundo para el arco compuesto femenino en la eliminatoria a 15 flechas con un puntaje perfecto de 150 puntos en la ronda de octavos de final. Sara superó así el registro mundial que tenía desde el 17 de abril del 2011 la belga Gladys Willems con 149 puntos, obtenido en una copa internacional disputada en Holanda. Sara López, doble campeona mundial juvenil en china. Entre otras.

  • Dave - 11 years ago

    Erika lit the caldron at the 2012 Cornhusker State Games with a flaming arrow. Boom--game over!

  • scott - 11 years ago

    Sara set the 15 arrow world record, but Erika set the 72 arrow world record. Erika also won the Longines Prize and wayyyyy more world medals than Sara did in 2013. Oh and she's ranked #1 in the world!!!!

  • Coach - 11 years ago

    Erika has set many world and national records along with winning most of the major tournaments Erika is by far the best athlete of the year.

  • lee everett - 11 years ago

    are you sure? sara has the perfect score 150/10X the same record as REO WILDE . SARA LOPEZ FOR THE WIN!!!!! plus she is winning

  • Coach Jim - 11 years ago

    Erika's record is the best.

  • lucia - 11 years ago

    Sara López excelente atleta merecedora del título mejor atleta mujer del año de la World Archery.

  • Marta - 11 years ago

    Su esfuerzo, dedicación, coraje y resultados la hacen merecedora del título de la mejor atleta mujer del año de la World Archery,

  • Casey - 11 years ago


  • Erika for the win!!!! - 11 years ago

    Erika for the win!!!!

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