Do you think marijuana should be decriminalized?

Posted 5 years.


  • ben - 5 years ago

    The Federal Government is missing out on billions in revenue. What a waste. Marijuana is not a big deal. Alcohol and Tobacco are much more destructive. These people that say Marijuana will make you kill people are seriously laughable.

    This is 2014. The world is dynamic. Time to change the laws, because the ones we have are not working.

    Get it thru your heads people...MARIJUANA IS NOT A BIG DEAL.

  • dav - 5 years ago

    people should always have a choice. cigarettes are worse for you with all the crap they add to it, but it is legal and taxed to death. alcohol is way more addictive, and can be bought anytime anywhere, fast food is apparently one of the biggest causes of obesity, but we live on that daily, gambling is extremely addictive, and destroys homes and families, but they will give you a loan on site.
    As for the stealing and killing, seriously, that would be more associated with harder drugs, no marijuana. It grows naturally, and is a great asset to those with medical needs. the problem with that, is that it is so hard to get (even legally), plus you need a doctor to subscribe it, and they are far and few.
    Legalize the soft stuff, tax it and make money, less spent on penalizing it, less users of the hard stuff.
    As adults, we should always have a choice.

  • jon - 5 years ago

    pot should never be legalized as it ruins the way your brain funtions.and high end companies will always require drug testing.Pot is nothing but garbage and causes people addicted to it to steal or kill to get the HIGH.Todays youth dont take life for what it is,and some foolish parents actually smoke this crap with the kids.The kids need to study the affects of this drug to make informed choices that will certainly will affect the career choices and the health of the unborn

  • wes - 5 years ago

    its over due that government gives up this "WAR ON DRUGS" which has cost tax payers millions if not billions of dollars and has ruined law abiding citizens lives

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