How Should A&E Have Handled the Phil Robertson Controversy?


  • Justin Keefer - 10 years ago

    Billion of dollars serious! Land of the free? Dreams can be made? Um as a country we are broke! A&E yell screwed the wrong Duck no pun intended! #Keefer

  • Billy Dover - 10 years ago

    Phil, well i think you should be the future owner of A&E. why? well to be honest they did that due to YOUR beliefs, sue them and then own them. do not let corporate America continue to win and run this country.

  • Rob - 10 years ago

    You're right, there is no "freedom of speech" in commerce. However there are laws to protect him from workplace retribution for voicing his religious beliefs. I would be very amazed if he doesn't sue A&E for wrongful termination or discrimination. Secondly, it amazes me that A&E and its advertisers would be so nearsighted as to react to the views of some liberal organizations who in all likelihood do not watch Duck Dynasty in the first place, when a large following of viewers and potential shoppers do follow the show and are mad at the outcome.

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