Die Hard vs. Christmas Vacation

Posted 5 years.


  • Roddie Whidden - 5 years ago

    Die hard Movies are they best movies ever!! Watching Live Free or Die Hard now. Hammer down shake rattle and roll Freightliner!!

  • richard - 5 years ago

    Tough choice but I voted for NLCV because of the belly laughs it brings every year. And a Merry Christmas To All NLCV

  • Francis - 5 years ago

    It was quite a hard choice because I love both of them and watch them every year. However, if I look back, I could watch Die Hard 2-3 times a year without ever getting bored and only watch National Lampoon Christmas Vacation once per year. For this reason, my vote went on Die Hard.

  • Jamie - 5 years ago

    Christmas vacation has been an annual tradition in my family for my wife and I. For the last 17 years we have watched it every year on Christmas eve with a cup of hot chocolate. Now that my kids are old enough they watch it too and they think it is hilarious. Best Christmas movie ever. Merry Christmas Shi**er was full. Funniest line ever in a movie.

  • vince - 5 years ago

    christmas vacaton all the way

  • Zeem - 5 years ago

    Chevy Chase will always rock! Go Christmas Vacation Go!

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