Which songs would you like to hear on the "Enchanted" tour this year?

  • Hannah - 7 years ago

    Please do Simple Things in Sheffield! It's one of my favourites and I can't believe it's not on the album!

  • Kione - 7 years ago

    Totally think you should do I'm Movin' On by Rascal Flatts or Life After You by Daughtry

  • Chris - 7 years ago

    'Ride' - Lana Del Rey (George Barnett version on piano);
    'Moonlight' by George Barnett;
    Any classic track from Kate Rusby or Kate Bush that suits your voice ;)
    Thanks xo

  • Matthew - 7 years ago

    My cover suggestion may not be a daft as it first sounds. WE are all so excite for the tour, cant wait to see you live again. X

  • Stuart Pates - 7 years ago

    A softer version of Lisa Lobe woul dbe excellent

    Would like to go to a gig with Emma & SFG (as I missed Carfest) and think this aint a love song with an Emma slant could be a winner.

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