Do You Think People Understand The First Amendment?


  • PrinceLeron - 10 years ago

    The problem with politics is that people think that having an opinion and passion is enough to talk about it when it's not. If someone who have never watched the NFL wanted to argue that Megatron wasn't the best WR in the game, you would dismiss them because it's obvious that they know shit. We don't hold individuals to any standard of knowledge when it comes to discussing politics.

  • AstronautJonez - 10 years ago

    It truly blows my mind when people with a political platform and influence, like Sarah Palin and Bobby Jindal, purposely misconstrue the 1st Amendment just to get more ignorant backers and support. Robertson is a representative of A&E and he represented them poorly, so it's no surprise they don't want to back him. My great-uncle (my grandfather's brother) told me a story once about when the two of them were young and they would work out in fields with their father. These are black men in Alabama and, obviously, this land was owned by white people. A lot of the time when they probably deserved a fair pay, they would get underpaid or get something like food in lieu of money. And my great-uncle would be so mad because they did all that work and their dad couldn't demand more money. But it's not like black folk could try and get pissed and make demands. You had to take what you could get. If Phil Robertson was out in them fields, I assure you he'd get a fair day's pay or be able to demand more...BECAUSE HE'S WHITE. Ain't no black folk bout to be like "Fuck these cheap ass white folks!". And you can't allow someone so willfully ignorant to be an ambassador for a TV network.

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