What do you think is the best TV show of 2013?

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  • deiowbodbvw - 6 years ago

    hannibal :)

  • ML2 - 6 years ago


  • mccom - 6 years ago

    co-favs=PARENTHOOD & SCANDAL!!!
    special mention=THE BLACKLIST
    there are a lot of great shows on these days...:)

  • Tillie - 6 years ago

    The Walking Dead! That is the best show ever!

  • Roger - 6 years ago

    NCIS - absolutely the best!

  • Roxane - 6 years ago

    Walking Dead! - come on - no votes for this show yet?

  • Bibi Anne - 6 years ago

    Sleepy Hollow!

  • Bionic Kitty - 6 years ago

    Although DEXTER has now ended, it was a fabulous show for 7 years. Tying for intensity is JUSTIFIED.

  • peghenn - 6 years ago

    Justified! Does not get the credit it deserves!

  • Dave - 6 years ago

    Justified was and is the best thing on TV right now!!! It deserves more praise then it gets!!!

  • Alli - 6 years ago


  • kelly - 6 years ago

    Sleepy Hollow. Ichabod gets so perturbed with our modern day version of historical "facts" (he just has to correct them), taxes, paying for water, all the little things we don't even question anymore. He does not understand why we are not all outraged and marching with pitchforks, it cracks me up. I love how the show presents American history for examination, how far we have come since he lived, and how he struggles with modern life - he may never grasp the "innanet". Hilarious, great show on many levels.

  • Linda - 6 years ago

    The Blacklist. Spader rocks!!

  • Sue S - 6 years ago


  • Jules - 6 years ago

    Sons of Anarchy

  • Nora - 6 years ago

    Scandal! How could it not be on the list?

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