Who Won Round 6?

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Poll posted 6 years ago.


  • duskizm tcm - 5 years ago

    Stem came through with the characters, but couldn't outshine tc5's well done car as for tmt there letters couldn't match doc & syes unique tc5 technique at least in this battle, but my dude stem was the best on the tmt car characters and piece..

  • SLOAN TPA - 6 years ago

    SYE and DOC, again! Cannot say enough about these 2 the crispness of their work is second to none. Would like to see more TC5 members getting down though. TMT car is well done and crisp as well although the car would have set up more nicely as a 2 man effort. Love the detail of the ARAB piece and SEEN being worked on by the elf, and TC5 going in the bag. Again in my opinion (constructive criticism of course) the car would have set up better as a 2 man. Now in the spirit of the holidays I say this, TC5 car reminds me of the those late 80's on the IRT Line while the TMT car takes you back to the late, early 80's when "theme" cars were being done frequently for the holidays. Am enjoying the battle, but would like to see more members from both crews, respectively, gettin', busy.

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