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Posted 5 years.


  • Nexus - 4 years ago

    As a matter of fact Her Ladyship is a sort of person who is never spoon fed by the others, and I remember once she claiming the aforementioned point in her speech that she wants to know for herself and spreads it to others. And being vocal she is quite just in upholding the truth, for the supremacy of truth and justice
    ; regardless of creed, colour or race....this is my opinion about her and is based on my little knowledge about her but I would dare to say that I really like her and keenly read or listen to her interviews, speeches, lectures etc and see her posts. May Allah watch over her and all of us. Amen

  • Anne White - 5 years ago

    A very informative and thoughtful article. I hope that there will be a bigger peace movement and we certainly in the west need to combat the problems experienced elsewhere . I am wondering if you might be able to provide links to the organizations represented at this discussion as I would like to make contact with them, to see if I am able to contribute in some small way... if at all possible. Many thanks

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